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Why Choose our Pipe Bending Machines?

As Dural Machine, we have production experience on CNC tube bending machines, semi-auto pipe bending machines, hydraulic pipe benders, end forming machines, deburring machines, notching machines, chamfering machines, and double head tube benders. With the help of our experience and expert staff team. We give the best service to our valued customers since 1991.

Product Range
Pipe bending machines, tube end forming, deburring, chamfering, and notching machines.
Leading CNC and Hydraulic pipe bender machine software, and other processing machine software.
Best equipment and software combination, long using life, minimum service requirement on tube benders.

Experience Since 1991

We have the best solution for our customers on pipe and tube bending machines and other pipe and tube processing machines with our long experience since 1991.


  • High-quality pipe and tube bending machine molds and spare parts.
  • Long using life and low using cost on pipe and tube bending machines.
  • Easy to use CNC or hydraulic pipe and tube bender machine software.
  • The Wide product range on pipe and tube processing machines.
  • Different working length options on pipe and tube bending machines.
  • Different CNC and NC options on pipe and tube processing machines.


If you are looking for solution partner on pipe and tube processing industry, Dural Machine will be your best option.


Bending Tool Systems

Mold System Sample

With more than 30 years of experience, we produce tube bending tools for tube and profile bending machines in the best quality and suitable with your machine.

  • Wiper Die
  • Ball and Plug Mandrel
  • Pressure Die
  • Clamp Die
  • Former Die
  • Insert Die
  • Collet Die
bend dies

Tube Bender Tools Calculator by Dural Machinery

Our team developed an application for your bending machines. When you need to choose bending tools for your tube bending sample, you can use this application. The application can calculate the bending tools easily.

Product Categories


Our core working principle is, analyzing to our customers need and introdicing to our machines with maximum benefit for our customers and without giving any tolerance from our quality level. Dural Machine will keep stay on same line and will be grown and expanded with sound step and without a break.

Pipe Bending Machines

We can describe to Dural brand tube and pipe bending machines range such as CNC Tube and Pipe Bending Machine, NC Servo Rotation Pipe and Tube Bending Machine and Standard NC Pipe and Tube Bending Machine. Also we produce Mechanical Tube and Pipe Bending Machines, so we have all alternatives as to your tube and pipe bending works.

Pipe Chamfering Machines

Dural brand tube and pipe chamfering machines range can be described as Double Side Tube and Pipe Chamfering Machine, Single Side Pipe and Tube Chamfering Machine, we also offer automatic feeding and chamfering molds for tube and pipe chamfering machines. With our chamfering machine and mold design you will have the best performance.

Pipe Deburring Machines

Our tube and pipe deburrring machines range can be described as Standard Tube and Pipe Deburring Machine and Brush Pipe and Tube Chamfering Machine, we also offer tube and pipe deburring machine brush and mold set for tube and pipe deburring machines. With our deburring machine you will have the best performance and long using life.

Pipe End Forming Machines

We offer to our customers dedicated solutions on our tube and pipe end forming machines range. We design our Tube and Pipe End Forming Machines according to work of our customers with different end forming station quantity , engine power and end forming machine mold sets as to end forming work and pipe hardness. We offer the best performance.

Pipe Notching Machines

You will have the best welding mouth on your pipes with our tube and pipe notching machines, we offer our Tube and Pipe Notching Machines with notching belt sander and notching rotary cylinder working systems. With our Tube and Pipe Notching Machine you will have the best performance, long using life on notching sander belt and smooth working.