Other Tube Bending Machines


Genaral Details

DDT Direct Gear Transmission.

Touch screen with different language.

Sequentially adjustable flip stops.

Foot pedal control.

Easy quick changeable tooling.

Choose auto / Manuel mode.

I/O list – Show error messages.

No14 pcs. Bend

Program memory 50 pcs.

One set standard tooling.

Energy – saving mode.

Technical Details

Max. Tube Dia.

: 2.2

Max. Center Line Radius

: 1500

Max. Bending Angle

: Ø 250 × 100

Max. Tube Length

: 6-90

Bending Speed

: 450x430x350 (h)

Total Power

: 2.2kw

Gros Weight

: 250kg

Machine Size

: 2380x670x1100 mm (h)

Dm-35-Mk Roll Benders

Genaral Details

Body of Dm-35-Mk is cast iron construction.

Two rolls are driven

Guide rolls.

One set of Standard rolls.

Foot pedal control.

Horizontal and vertical working.

Technical Details

Rolls balls

: 155 mm

Rolls pin

: 50 mm

Twine speed

: 4.8m/min

Engine Power

: 1.5 kw

Gros weight

: 375 kg

Machine Size

: 820x720x1330 mm (h)