Tube Notching Machines

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Machine Details

The notching operation is the process for opening the welding mouth on profiles, pipes, and tubes. The pipe and tube notching machine process is working with the rotary cylinder. On the cylinder, there is a belt sander with a specified hardness that is fit for your pipes and tubes or profiles as a belt sander on our pipe and tube notching machines. The advantages of our pipe and tube notching machine model, notching operation on pipe and tube will be at a lower cost, and you can make pipe and tube notching process with more precision if we compare with older pipe and tube notching methods.


General Details

Genaral Details

Designed for High Production.

Min. Vibration with rigid construction.

Low production costs with high abrasive belt.

Ability to quick load / unload with eccentric clamp jaw.

Ability to notching round/square tube without changing clamp jaw.

Offers Off-Center Grinding because the Height of the Clamp is easily Adjustable.

Notching Capacity = 0° and 60°.

Easy changeable tools and abrasive belt.

Ability notching double head of tube at the same time.

Two Axis Precision Adjustable Feting Table.

Connection for extraction option is available.


Technical Details

Working capacity (mm)

: Min. Ø20 – Max. Ø 90

Abrasive belts dimensions (mm)

: 2000×100

Total power (kw)

: 2.2

Machine size (mm)

: 1700x665x1200 (h)

Gros weight (kg)

: 155