Double Head Tube Bending Machines

Machine Tube Bending Capacity:1 pc. Ø38mmx2mm
2 pcs. Ø25mmx1,5mm
3 pcs. Ø16mmx1,5mm
4 pcs. Ø13mmx1,5mm
Catalogue of Product:Double Head Tube Bending Machines

Machine Details

DM-38-DH and DM-38-Dh Auto model double head pipe bending machines will provide you maximum productivity on your work. Double head bending alternative will give you chance to work 8 times faster than standard mandrel type pipe bending machines. These models are our TUBITAK approved models, which means Dural Machinery is the first, who produced these models in Turkish machine industry. As Dural Machine, we are continuing our research activities and production with our experience on double head pipe bending machines since 2008.




Genaral Details

Monoblock Frame

Energy – Saving mode

Pressure die with linear Guide

Tension Arm

Automatic – Manual Mode Options

Touch screen control with different language

Nc control system

Fully hydraulic

Easy and quick changable tooling system

One set standart tooling

Magnetic Stopper

Technical Details

Max. Tube Diameter

: Ø38 mm x 2 mm

Max. Center Line Radius

: 200 mm

Bending Capability with Rotation (°)

: 0-90

Shaft Diameter (mm)

: 40

Clamp Opening Distance (mm)

: 60

Pressure Opening Distance (mm)

: 60

Max. Bending Angle (°)

: 185

Min./Max. Bending Distance (mm)

: 180-2035

Bending Speed (°/sec)

: 50

Max. Pressure (°/sec)

: 180

Total Power (kw)

: 7,5

Gros Weight (kg)

: 1400

Machine Size (mm)

: 2750X1500X1540 (h)